Patriotic Project!

Yep, you heard it right! Its I am making an 18th century project… July😯, but the question is what does that mean?

Well, I won’t just be making a 18th century dress, but also all the appropriate era correct underpinnings and such accessories as a bonnet, hat, stockings, and shoes (I won’t be making the shoes and the hat I sorta I will be modifying.)

The only way to get better at sewing is by doing it, so it was important that I just didn’t sit around watching movies where skilled seamstresses designed gorgeous gowns.

Sewing my birthday outfit gave me the courage to try something really big! So I ordered the pattern first pattern and the material for the underpinnings! (well that was where it got difficult, ordering fabric online is tricky and I really found that out; long story short, look from where your products are shipped from.)

I ordered the pattern on the left!

The patterns I choose are designed by American Duchess and marketed by simplicity. You can also purchase the patterns on other online stores (I bought the first from eBay) My goal is to recreate what a woman who lived during the War for Independence would have worn. So it is a late 1700’s outfit. I will try to post about each piece I made and the stuff I learned while making it. So hopefully if you are struggling with the directions I can clarify and explain the things that at first puzzled me as well. And even if you aren’t into sewing don’t feel secluded, you can still come along, and who knows you might just find yourself enjoying it to!

Link to undergarments pattern;

Link to outer garments pattern;

Well what are you waiting for! Grab your needle and thread and lets recreate History!

4 thoughts on “Patriotic Project!

    1. That’s great Millie! I really hope you do! It is so great to start a big project and follow it to completion!
      The knowledge you will gather from hands-on experience is priceless!


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