Waiting can be hard. Maybe it seemed like you had your whole life planned and now instead of the job or house you envisioned there is just you in the same exact place you were a few months ago. Maybe you feel useless or depressed at everything.

Well let me tell you we are humans so we might experience those feelings the key is not to dwell on what we don’t have.

The fastest way to kick gloom and depression out of you is by praising God and thanking him for all He has given you (from the kitchen sink, to the house you live in, to his wonderful love.) As soon as you start praising his goodness you better bet that gloom will probably hitch hike out as soon as possible and depression will take the next subway leaving heartland. (And keep right on praising going even after they are gone.)

Well now you might feel better, but you still have nothing to do, well here are some great ideas for you to do during you time of waiting;

  • First as I mention above spend time with God delve into His word and seek his guidance for your life,(if your are interested in a certain topic use a concordance to find all the Bible verses related to it.) nothing is an accident with Him and you are hear for a reason, if you find it kinda hard just to start reading, find a good devotional and use that as a spring board for your private Bible studies. Here is a link to a great devotional I am currently reading; https://www.amazon.com/Diamonds-Dust-366-Sparkling-Devotions/dp/0310379504 . It even has the kindle downloadable option.
  • Pursue your hobbies, you know the ones you never had time for. Now is the perfect time to delve into them. Maybe you like carving, or sewing, or running. Whatever it is it can give you something enjoyable and constructive.
  • Start spending extra time learning. What is something you are interested in and want to know more about? I love learing about History (surprise😉😋 ) And there is a great place to take osme courses about many different subjects. They are free online courses offered by the private Christian college “Hillsdale College”. Yes they are free and there is no worry about a scam. I am currently taking their course on the ‘Young Jane Austen.’ The 5 categories are literature, history, economics, politics, Philosophy and Religion. https://online.hillsdale.edu/#course-offerings Check them out, it is a great way to further your learning.
  • This is a great time to be reading. Have you had some books you have always wanted to get? Or one’s you have been putting off reading because they are so large? Well now is the time. If you don’t have the books but want to purchase them here is a link to a great very reasonably priced online book seller. https://www.thriftbooks.com/? Yes they are used but I have had no problem with that. Their prices are hard to beat I just bought a book form them for about 6 dollars. (If you can’t stand reading your local library site may have audios you can borrow on line.)
  • Don’t forget those chores. Maybe now is the time for that deep cleaning. The chores that you have put off because you were busy now loom in your face. Don’t let them intimidate you. Just go get them done!
This one was taken from my deck.
  • Get outside for some sunshine and fresh air. Just 15 minutes a day can boost your mood. Also try not to spend to much time online. I find it can be very hard to know just how much time one spends. So set a timer or plan what you need to do before you get you laptop out.

Well I hope you all feel a bit more encouraged. And hopeful. After all this to must past. We must just learn to be patient. And I believe us Americans seem to all share the same impatience of the Spaniard in the “Princess Bride” when he said “I hate waiting”.

What things have you found to do during COVID-19?

Do you want more book recommendations?

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P.S. I have an exciting project announcement coming up soon!

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