Birthday Prayer

Lord, please give me strength to live

The kind of life you alone can give.

Strength to be the woman who

Will never, ever waver in you.


Lord please give me hope to see,

The future you have made for me.

Hope to press on when its bleak

When I always you will seek.


Lord please give me wisdom so I-

Won’t forget why you came to die.

Wisdom to recall when life is smooth

How You made mountains move.


Lord please wisdom so guidance I will hear

When a thousand voices are in my ear.

Guidance to find and follow Your way

When its too dark to see by light of day.


Lord please give me love

Greatest of all fruits above.

Love not just for enemies

But for friends and family.


This is my Birthday wish I prayed

Me a humble undeserving maid.

Yet this maid of seventeen,

Thou has’t called a lovely queen.

Mindy Moyer

8 thoughts on “Birthday Prayer

  1. Mindy, I absolutely love it. Beautifully written, and it has enormous meaning behind it.

    “Wisdom to recall when life is smooth

    How You made mountains move.”

    Great job, and keep it up!

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