What it Means

What does it mean to be from a different era? Does it mean you are dressed up in elegant Victorian fashion; Hoop skirts and bustles, waistcoats and sabers. Does it mine walking barefoot in the woods with the wings of a fairy or dancing the boogy woogy in a poodle skirt?

Well if so, then its time to think again. Not so long ago I believed that is exactly what it meant, but Our wonderful Savior has begun to reveal what it really means.

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” Colossians 3:2

In fact, it has very little to do with fancy attire or appearance. It has to do with the heart, and means so much more. It has to do with your whole self, it has to do with giving your all for Christ, it has to do with becoming the man or woman He has designed you to be.

To be of a different era is to be unique, it is to stand out of the world.  It is to be a candle upon a bushel. Yes, being unique is hard in a world where everyone wants to fit in but, it is beautiful to Christ. We are called to live in the world not to become like the world for we can only serve one master.

So that being said, what can you expect from this blog?

I desire to write a blog that glorifies God. for this blog to be a ‘bushel’ and feed your soul, heart, mind and body. A place of encouragement and hope.

Stories, lessons, sewing( hopefully some more wool projects to), and life tips such as health and practical ways to live a simple but abundant life.

Will this be a perfect blog? Where I sit you all down for a good talking to. NO it won’t and I hope it will never ever feel that way. Every day I make mistakes but through God’s abounding grace He has forgiven me and is teaching me. I am a broken human being just like you but I believe God can use this vessel to carry his light and encouragement to all who come to this little corner of the web.

So, please come join me as we strive to be men and women of a different era. An era where Jesus’s will is our will and His love is our love and where our every deed serves to glorify our awesome Creator.

4 thoughts on “What it Means

  1. Yes, Mindy, I was thinking the same thing as James. That is an amazing statement! And no, I love this post! It’s one of my favorites so far! It was amazing! You’re so inspiring! Keep it up! You’re doing amazingly!

    Liked by 1 person

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