My First Felt!!!

My Felt cape!!!

Okay, so why did I attempt to felt? Felting is a very old craft. It forms a thick fabric not be weaving the fibers together, but by agitating them to form a warm fleece-like material.

Here is the underside and outside of my little project!

Felt making is an ancient form of making cloth and seems to date back further then spinning or weaving! Which of course, is very appealing to someone like me who loves things of the past!

It made a great lap warmer too!

Many seem to believe the art of felting came to be accidentally by way of people putting wool in the shoes for insulation after wearing it all day they might have been surprised to pull out an insole instead of wool,but that is just a theory, and a questionable one at that.

This project was welt felting which involves a lot of steps but might be quicker then needle felting.

After my felt was complete I trimmed it to the shape I wanted then hand sewed a piece of material to the outside….curling up the edges of the wool made a very pretty trim! (it almost has a vintage fur collar appeal)

Then I attached a button and a loop to secure the right side to the button.

It sits nicely on my shoulder and is perfect to wear in the kitchen, as it doesn’t slide over your shoulder and get wet while washing dishes or cooking dinner.

So it might not be really fancy, and there is definitely some things I would change, but for a first project, with a concept I haven’t attempted before I am happy with my little felted cape/lap warmer!

  • If you are interested in knowing the process in which I felted it, or in seeing more creations let me know in the comments!
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6 thoughts on “My First Felt!!!

  1. That looks awesome! Good job! Most of my felting may have been, ahem, accidental…but it is definitely a fun experiment and process, at least when its intentional. ;D

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    1. Yes definitely, well I almost felted my wool when I was washing it, I think its so funny how it felts so well when you don’t want it to and it takes sooo long when you are trying to get it to felt together!

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