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Okay, so I wrote three different story prompts, and you get to vote (by leaving a comment with the number prompt) on which one you want me to turn into a story. This should be really fun and I am really looking forward to which one I get to spin into a story. I will give you a week and as today is the 12 then on the 19 I will add up the votes and go from there (if I get a tie on two of them, I will just randomly pick one.) So, I am really looking forward to your feedback! Make sure to pick your favorite before 19!

  1. She sat on a silken chair, and gazed out into the wide expanse of frozen landscape and picturesque frost that had drawn itself onto the window , absentmindedly rocking back and forth to the gentle music her sister played. Slowly her head began to droop and she leaned back into the soft upholstery of the chair. Her sleep must have been heavy for she didn’t notice the abrupt halt of the music, nor did she stir at the sound of heavy footfalls rapidly approaching, but slumber vanished as a large cold hand grasped her shoulder and an even colder voice hissed………

2. The swords clashed together, and it was all Ethan could do to stay standing on his weary legs. Sweat poured from his brow and matted his thick black hair as he tried to do more then just defend himself. For nary a moment his mind wandered from his enemy and to the quiet glades of home. A moment was all his nemesis needed, “You will die foolish knight.” The attacker growled as he sent a bone-shaking blow to Nathan’s shield, knocking him to the ground. He groaned as the small of his back hit hard against a jagged rock and his skull crashed into a boulder. Nathen blinked desperately trying to regain consciences and pull himself off the ground. “Hah” his dark enemy laughed and raised his sword high above his head, with a triumphant yell of “Prepare to meet your Maker” he plunged the sword toward Nathan’s heart.

3. “Men are cruel” Ellen shouted as she hurled another stone into the stream. Angry tears streamed down her face and her quivering lips were pulled together in a firm crease. “They equal pain.” She hurled another insult at the gender that had only seemed to cause hurt. Then unable to contain her angry barrage, she sat down on a rock and holding her head in her hands began to sob. As suddenly as she had stopped, she sprang to her feet again and as if ashamed of her tears Ellen grabbed an even larger rock and hurled it with such force that it split in two as it tumbled on the bank just shy of the stream. “They are all villains who don’t care.” No sooner had she said this then a deep manly voice spoke from behind her, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Ellen spun around color already rising to her cheeks at the sight of the handsome youth standing before her, she blinked and stuttered“…….

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