Giving Your Winter Attire a Festive Vintage Look!

Okay, so I wasn’t really planning on posting anything today since, after all, I posted something yesterday. But I was up in my room looking at some of my clothes and I decided to have some fun with one of my high-waisted red skirts. I added a plaid red button up, some shoes, a hat, and a pretty hair clip. It looked like a real outfit so I thought why not post it?

In the winter season we can get so caught up dressing in dark colors…brown sweaters, blue jeans, why not give our outfits some holiday cheer? I mean around Christmas everyone is in read and green. Lets carry some of that into January.

Not to mention that Valentines is coming up, so for those who are going to go out for the evening will want to dress up.

This is not a real 1940s-1950s but it is inspired by these styles. And the curled hair really adds to that look. (I used pin curls, and I will be writing a post soon about pin curling, so stay tuned for that!)

So hope you have enjoyed this post. do you have a something in your closet that just screams vintage? Get creative and pair up other clothes to make a outfit. If you have done this, Let me know what you tried.

  • Outfit details;
  • skirt (got second hand)
  • Blouse (thrift store)
  • Shoes (salvation army clothing store)
  • Hat (Christmas present, Walmart)
  • Jewelry (hair clip from Lila Rose)

Photo credit goes to my brother Wesley

6 thoughts on “Giving Your Winter Attire a Festive Vintage Look!

  1. I love this outfit! Your comment about the dark colors was kind of funny to me because I think I am on the opposite side and should maybe add some more neutrals to my wardrobe.😂

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