Trying to make a Chemise?

Ok, so why did I add a question mark? Well, maybe that’s because my project didn’t turn out as I wanted it to. First off to those who don’t know what a chemise is, it was a ‘night gown’ like undergarment worn under women’s dresses in most historical eras, its a base layer.

First off this was one of my first ‘sewing endeavors’ without someone’s help and that made it all the more exciting. Now when making a chemise you are supposed to have a light cotton material, I used a rayon-like heavy fabric which was, thick, and had no shape. Not to mention loved to come unraveled.

The only actually sewing mistakes (that I din’t rip out and fix) was using no interfacing (interfacing is something you sew on to fabric to make it more stiff for collars and waistbands and so on.) And the fact that at the end I didn’t attach the collar correctly.

When i finished last night and took a look at my final problem. It was bulky and uncomfortable and didn’t want to hang into a delicate drape-like fit.. I was up set, not at the machine or pattern or lack of instruction but at myself.

So I brewed and stewed as I took a shower. “What’s the point might as well stick to something I can actually do.” Then I began to think I thought of something the great inventor Thomas Edison once said,

That made my think, “What if Edison had done the same thing, just sat down and said ‘I can’t do it’?” or “What if other inventors, scientists, philosophers and so on….had thrown in the towel or in my case the sewing machine. That inspired my as I turned off the shower (imagine no electric no shower ‘ha ha’) And I decided I would try again. My Mom, a few days ago, even found some nice cotton sheets which I can turn into the pieces I need.

Hopefully you are interested, as I plan (sometime soon)to remake the chemise and, will be making a blog post tutorial on how I did it.

Can you tell, I was sewing the seam wrong?

How about you? Have you attempted a sewing project or any project, for that matter, and have it feel like a flop? What made you get up and go again?

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